What is this site?

I have the incredible honor to tell the stories of my four grandparents (Aryeh Schneider, Masha Klein Schneider, Emil Kohn and Eva Hirsch Kohn) to schools and community groups as a Legacy Speaker with the Speakers Bureau at the Holocaust Center for Humanity in Seattle, Washington.  This website helps preserve their stories and the artifacts and information I have been able to gather that help tell their stories.
Arik with Masha, Eva and Emil
Arik Cohen with Masha Klein Schneider, Eva Hirsch Kohn and Emil Kohn in December 1975

Who am I?

I am Arik Cohen, a self declared professional geek that is incredibly privileged to tell the stories of my four grandparents.  I have worked as a Program Manager at Microsoft for over 23 years across a variety of products and services.  

I was encouraged to find out more about my family’s history and to share it with students across the Pacific Northwest by my wife, Rebecca that has over 20 years experience as an education and helped guide my presentation to be relatable to students.  My three children have been ever present as I did the research and I can see portions of my grandparents alive in them.

How did I get started?

In Summer of 2014, I started to research my family history — I wanted to understand more about what my grandparents were able to survive during the Holocaust.  They hadn’t talked much or at all about what they had gone through and I started to search for all the information I could.  Hundreds of hours of research and validation have led me to my current understanding of the horrors they experienced, the determination they showed and most importantly — the incredible good fortune I have that they all survived.

Learn more…

I highly encourage everyone to get their family’s stories. Some of the great resources that I utilized in researching my grandparents include: